Bioengineering Friday Talks

Faculty and students with interests in biology and engineering from across the University gather every other Friday during the academic year for an informal colloquium. Typically, several researchers present work with a goal of fostering stimulating feedback and creative discussions.

All the colloquia are in Hoyt Lab, Room 307 and start at 4:45 p.m. with pizza and refreshments.  The talks run from 5 to 6 p.m.

The upcoming schedule of talks is:

3 Feb
Martin Wuhr (Princeton University): Proteomic clues to cell organization

17 Feb
Yongdae Shin (Brangwynne lab): Lighting up organelle assembly, droplet by droplet

Mike Siedlik (Nelson lab): Rockin’ ‘n rollin’: connecting nuclear tumbling to epithelial cell division

3 Mar
Theresa Henry (Brynildsen lab): Delineating the path from antibiotic persistence to antibiotic resistance

Talmo Pereira (Murthy lab): Understanding acoustic communication through unsupervised behavioral quantification

17 Mar
Angela Brown (Lehigh University): Inhibition of bacterial toxin delivery as an antivirulence strategy

31 Mar
Sarah Hammer (Avalos lab): Uncovering the role of valine in the biosynthesis of branched-chain higher alcohols in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Akanksha Thawani (Petry/Stone lab): Molecular mechanism of microtubule nucleation in the cell

14 Apr
Lance Kam (Columbia University): Engineering adaptive immunity through mechanobiology and micropatterning

28 Apr
Granton Jindal (Shvartsman lab): Ranking intrinsically active Ras pathway mutations

Yogesh Goyal (Shvartsman lab): Quantitative biology of developmental ERK signaling

5 May
Jiandi Wan (Rochester Institute of Technology): Mechanosensing dynamics of red blood cells and their regulatory roles in cerebral microcirculation

12 May
David Issadore (University of Pennsylvania): Diagnosing disease on a microchip: Scaling up micro- and nano-scale devices