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Bioengineering Day 2015

Keynote Speakers

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Niles Pierce

Division of Biology & Biological Engineering Division of Engineering & Applied Science California Institute of Technology

Hang Lu

Professor and James R. Fair Faculty Fellow Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology


8:00     Registration opens; continental breakfast available (Friend Center Convocation Room)

8:45     Welcome and opening remarks (Computer Science Room 104)

9:00     Keynote #1: Hang Lu (Georgia Tech):
             Deep phenotyping enabled by microfluidics and high-throughput quantitative microscopy

10:00    Coffee break (Lobby outside of Computer Science Room 104)

10:30    Session #1 (Computer Science Room 104)

Ned Wingreen (Molecular Biology and Genomics):
Getting together: What can enzyme clustering do for metabolism?

Mona Singh (Computer Science and Genomics):
Interaction-based computational methods for analyzing cancer genomes

Claire Gmachl (Electrical Engineering and MIRTHE):
Mid-infrared photonics for biomedical applications

Alistair Boettiger ’07 (Harvard University):
Single molecule imaging of chromatin structure and gene expression

12:00    Lunch and posters (Friend Center Convocation Room and Atrium)

1:30     Session #2 (Computer Science Room 104)

Howard Stone (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering):
Seeking intersections of fluid mechanics and cellular biology

Moshe Pritsker *05 (
How one scientist built a company

Millicent Sullivan ’98 (University of Delaware):
Unlocking personalized medicines through nanocarrier design

2:30     Coffee break (Lobby outside of Computer Science Room 104)

3:00     Session #3 (Computer Science Room 104)

Jamie Link (Chemical & Biological Engineering):
Untying peptide knots

Jared Toettcher (Molecular Biology):
Using optogenetics to interrogate and control cell signaling

John Klepeis *02 (DE Shaw Research):
Building transferable force fields to run on specialized hardware

4:00     Keynote #2: Niles Pierce ’93 (Caltech):
             Molecular Instruments

5:00     Buffet dinner and poster awards (Friend Center Convocation Room)

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