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Enabling Technologies

Wysocki lab
The Wysocki Lab is developing a single system that measures levels of nitric oxide isotopes in breath, as well as nitrites and nitrates in blood and urine. The device uses a magnetic field and a high-frequency modulated laser to detect levels of nitric oxide isotopes as low as one part per billion in samples from patients.

Advances in biological engineering have been spurred by the creation of novel and revolutionary Enabling Technologies that permit quantitative imaging and analysis of biological samples at ever higher resolutions.

Recent work:

Noninvasive in vivo glucose sensing on human subjects using mid-infrared light (Biomedical Optics Express)

Princeton University’s core faculty members in this area:

Jason Fleischer
Claire Gmachl
Jim Sturm

Other faculty working in this area:

Gerard Wysocki
Naveen Verma
Daniel J. Cohen